This is an academic space where current issues are critically looked upon. The speakers will test their ability towards discourse and persuasion, not only to treat each issue, but also to promote consciousness, criticality and change.

Conference President:

Valeria Márquez Rey

“My name is Valeria Marquez, Im student of 11 grade and I am the director of conference in english.

I am a person who fights for his dreams that no matter the difficults that I have I will always keep looking forward, I am so grateful with my family, friend because they are always with me.

Being part of a model helped me realize that I can face my fears no matter what others say, that without realizing it there are many people who support me but for the fear of demonstrating the virtues that I have, i was not able to prove my potential but now I know it.

Being a director of conference  is a great challenge as it can also be a commitment, having new experiences and it gives me passion; knowing that this is the first committee of  confrence  in English of all Merbaq helps me to have in note that I have to fight a lot for everything to flow to a great way to have a great experience.

Thanks to Retos and directives I am able to have this great responsibility, because they believe in me.”

Valeria Márquez

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